The Return of Wicked Records

The Return of Wicked Records

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - Sunday, August 13, 2017

10:00 pm

$15 - $20

This event is 21 and over


August 12th 2017 we invite you to cut a rug at The Great Northern, San Francisco For the big annual Wicked shindig.

This year in a cunning twist to the plot, we bring you THE RETURN OF WICKED RECORDS

Keep eyes and ears on high alert for all nu beats from the Wicked Sound System

DJs in the cockpit need no introduction -

An essential leg of the Wicked crew TOM OF ENGLAND is always a special guest, lighting fires of musical happenstance from NYC or London. Rub'n'Tug, S.T.D. Spirit Bear, Welcome Stranger, Laughing Light of Plenty, Mirror Boys, Mammal, Map of Africa. Just some of his many incarnations. He puts it down like no other and he's family. Welcome back brother T!

San Francisco you know the score - We love ya. We are all still here. Let's do this...

DJ Garth
DJ Garth
Garth was one of four DJs who, along with Jeno (noisefromthevoid), Thomas Bullock (Rub n Tug, Map of Africa), & Markie Mark reinvigorated San Francisco's dance scene in the 90's with their iconic Wicked parties. His Grayhound Recordings label is credited with defining & capturing the west coast sound from that period. Many of Garth's productions working with ETI and Markie Mark are represented on the label along with a slew of definitive west coast artists like Harvey, RaSoul and Perry Farrell. Wicked's 13 year reign as the city's beloved renegade sound system ended in 2004 and Garth & Jeno have been fanning the flames of conscious hell raising with their Back2Back parties since. In 2007 Garth started the Golden Goose re-edit label with James Glass. Under the guise of King & Hound they re-edit under-valued dance cuts that stand to benefit from a 12" release.
"Wicked Crew" founder, San Francisco Full Moon Party pioneer, Come-Unity resident and 90s West Coast dance music magician. Still doing it, full time. Current projects include the spontaneous "Noise From The VOID" radio show, with an almost 10 yr run of live streaming. And the Noise From The VOID vinyl label, launching in 2015.
Venue Information:
The Great Northern
119 Utah St.
San Francisco, CA, 94103