The DomeRaiser 2017

The DomeRaiser 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017

9:00 pm (event ends at 3:00 am)

$10 - $20

This event is 21 and over

Yippy-Kai-Yay!!! It's the summer season again...

Time for our annual Dome Raiser!!! We've pulled out all the stops to bring you a night of dancing and partying and love.

Whether you're looking to whet your whistle at our fully stocked bar, or getting down on the dance floor, or doing your pre-Burning Man costume shopping, we’ve got you covered!

Da Moth
Da Moth
Veteran Dj/Producer ,Co-founder and COO of Producers Social and established sound engineer..Da Moth is a cotton eating,multi faceted,force to be reckoned with..His energy is behind the decks is contagious and his ability to drop that perfect tune at the perfect moment is unmatched ..You never know what this winged madman will bring to the decks but you can be sure its gonna be filthy weird and full of that BASS..And you get most definitely bet your ass that the dance floor will be on fire.
The "Djedi" (pronounced jed-eye) were the "stable ones"--wisdom keepers of one mind and one spirit who, as initiates of the Osirian mysteries, comprised the living, terrestrial body of the archetypal, celestial Osiris. Contemporary Djedi are self-selecting regenerators of cosmos. They are those who, regardless of race or creed, are awakening to mission in service to the planet and the epochal imperatives of stability, continuity and regeneration.

Djedi (pronounced "Jedi") is a San Francisco based DJ/producer, owner of the sacred geometry crystal-infused clothing line “Original Language,” and co-founder of a conscious living collective, called “The Center SF”– a community space for education, healing, and special events. Originally from New York, he was consumed and inspired by West Coast electronic artists upon moving to California in 2009. With an educational background in philosophy, religion, cosmology and consciousness, he has learned to see the world through a geometric vibrational framework, making music a powerful tool for transformative experiences of body, mind and spirit. Spending countless hours meticulously selecting only the finest quality tunes, delivering to the dance floor a genre of music described as “Laser Soul.” That is, bass music with each track having its own personality, character and emotive quality weaved together into a truly captivating sound experience
Grape Vodka
Venue Information:
The Great Northern
119 Utah St.
San Francisco, CA, 94103