With Sympathy (Early Ministry Tribute Band)

With Sympathy (Early Ministry Tribute Band)

Ages 21+
With Sympathy (Ministry Tribute Band)

We welcome the talented Ministry tribute band With Sympathy to The Great Northern on Thursday, January 16th!

Doors open at 9pm.


With Sympathy


DJ Omar (Popscene/Leisure)


DJ Melting Girl (Death Guild)

DJ Josh Cheon (Dark Entries Records)




With Sympathy is MInistry's 1984's New Wave debut album. An album that Ministry band leader, Al Jourgensen has, until recently, disowned due to it being light years removed from the harsh electro-industrial-metal for which he has become known for.

Recorded in Boston at The Cars' Syncro Sound studio with The Psychedelic Furs' Vince Ely producing, With Sympathy is full of British-inflected, slick synth-pop dance grooves and snappy, funk-flecked dark disco that have garnered a cult following and become staples of every goth night around the world. for almost 40 years. YET, no one has ever seen these songs performed live, UNTIL NOW!

With Sympathy is also the name of America's ONLY Early Ministry Tribute Band. Boasting members from legendary and current post-punk bands like Subtonix , Tense), VR Sex, Antioch Arrow and Missions, With Sympathy takes us through all the greatest hits of Ministry's bygone but never forgotten era. Anthems like "I Wanted to Tell Her", "Work for Love," and gothic-tinted electro like "Effigy (I'm Not An)" and "Revenge" are meticulously recreated with a six piece band featuring live synths, drums and back up singers, so dig out your Doc Martens and get ready to dance!


The Great Northern | 119 Utah St.


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Venue Information:
The Great Northern
119 Utah St
San Francisco, CA, 94103