The Storytime Speakeasy | Artumnal Gathering – Presented by Pink Mammoth

The Storytime Speakeasy | Artumnal Gathering – Presented by Pink Mammoth

Ages 21+
The Storytime Speakeasy | Artumnal Gathering – Presented by Pink Mammoth

Dream, Laugh and Dance the night away in true Burning Man style at our annual Artumnal Celebration! Join us in initiating a weekend devoted to the changing of seasons as we come together for a night of celebration, community, and joy. This important fundraising event deserves its own night for revelers to connect and create with one another in a spectacularly curated setting.

The Storytime Speakeasy invites you to wind a web of curiosity and breathtaking originality into the world of stories.

Stories: lands of imagination, creativity and freedom. Sometimes they exist at the outermost frontier of fantasy and at other times they create a safe place for you to be your truest self around the campfire of community.

There are as many stories about Burning Man as there are people who have been to Black Rock City. This vast community and countless tales have helped make real the idea of Burning Man and has helped to transform it into a global culture and change agent, one where possibilities are endless, borders don’t exist, and reality can become your wildest dreams. As a character in your own story you may discover that the only limits are the ones you write for yourself. You can create bolder, better, more beautiful stories and celebrate them with others.

The Storytime Speakeasy will feature a variety of unique performative stories in art, dance, and music. But remember that YOUR story is an integral part of OUR story. So ignite your imagination! Come as a favorite character or version of yourself, live a fantasy or create a better reality, and write the next chapter of YOUR story with us. The sky's the limit and imagination is our moonshine! We can't wait to write the next chapter of our story with you!

Venue Information:
The Great Northern
119 Utah St
San Francisco, CA, 94103