Mark Farina 50th Birthday
Presented by GLA Recordings & The Great Northern

Mark Farina 50th Birthday

DJ Mark Farina
JT Donaldson
Mike Cashen
Plus Special Guest from the Chicago Family
Ages 21+
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We're honoring the legend Mark Farina for 50 orbits around the sun on March 22nd, 2019! Join us along with this carefully curated list of talent from all over the country for a night to remember and rejoice!

Presented by GLA Recordings & The Great Northern


>>> Mark Farina (50th Birthday Party) <<<

+ Plus Special Guest from the Chicago Family !!!!!

> Diz

> JT Donaldson

> J-Dub

> Mike Cashen

Mark Farina Bio:

Mark Farina has solidified himself in the world of Dance Music as a trailblazing DJ, Producer, tastemaker and bona fide House Music icon. After 3 decades crisscrossing the globe, he shows no signs of slowing down remaining innovative, humble, and firmly rooted in the underground.

“I look at my job as a ‘modern day traveling minstrel’ bringing new music to as many places as I can and exposing audiences to obscure records that otherwise might go hidden.”

As an early House Music pioneer in the late 80’s, Farina’s history includes an impressive long standing residency at Smart Bar Chicago and a job at the legendary Gramaphone Records. In the 90s, Mark pushed musical boundaries and blended genres to create “Mushroom Jazz”. Eventually, Mark made San Francisco his home as his signature sound created a strong demand for his DJ sets. The Bay Area proved to be a perfect match for Mark’s musical vision and he released a string of major mix compilations including his Mushroom Jazz series. With a tireless passion for playing extended sets, B2B shows with fellow House Music icons, or playing both of his signature styles on 2 stages on the same night, Farina continues to entertain his incredible fans all over the globe with over 100 shows per year. Currently, Farina is the head honcho at his record label, Great Lakes Audio Recordings.

Venue Information:
The Great Northern
119 Utah St
San Francisco, CA, 94103