Inquiry & we:art present Daydreams & Distortions

Inquiry & we:art present Daydreams & Distortions

Ages 21+
Inquiry & we:art present Daydreams & Distortions

Inquiry & WE:ART are proud to present Daydreams and Distortions featuring Boiz House, Keerd and Chill Bill!

Join us for a day of eclectic art and music. Immerse yourself in sounds paired with creative visual displays for a surreal experience you won't forget!

Local Bay Area artists from all mediums will have work on display and for sale while you boogie to the funky beats of Boiz House + more.

Don’t worry, come hungry - there will be reasonably priced tacos sold inside during the event!


WE:ART is an ever-growing collective of artists and community members dedicated to curating unique art experiences, installations, and thoughtful partnerships. To date, we have raised over $2,000 in donations to non-profits and artist support programs from our shows.


Inquiry Collective brings carefully selected music, dynamic experiences, and unbound artistic expression for the curious at heart.


Boiz House is a modern-day boy band; we combine electronic music production with live instrumentation and vocals to create a dynamic and interactive experience. Our sound is a unique collection of House, Techno, Breaks, Bass, and Funk; Don’t let the “House” in Boiz House fool you; we live in a physical house together but we have a lot more to offer than just House music.


Venue Information:
The Great Northern
119 Utah St
San Francisco, CA, 94103