Disco Space Shuttle Presents: Galactic

Disco Space Shuttle Presents: Galactic

Ages 21+
Disco Space Shuttle Presents: Galactic

The Disco Space Shuttle invites you to Galactic. Come together for a night of friends, music, dance, connection, and unbridled fun. We will be freshly back from the Playa - ready to relive those special moments with family & friends, old & new, and share a taste of the desert magic with you all.

Take a journey on the Disco Space Shuttle and dance under the stars to our silent disco.

This event is a fundraiser. All proceeds go to support and maintain the Disco Space Shuttle. We've sold out our last three events so buy your tickets early.

DJs to be announced soon... but don't wait to buy your tickets.


View a video from Disco Space Shuttle's Terminus event.


Those of you who have made it to our San Francisco events Stardust, Interstellar, Deep Space, Supernova, Velocity, Terminus, Genesis, Lift Off, or have been with us from sunset to sunrise on the Playa have felt the magic of our events. What we create together is unlike that in any other environment - unbounded joy and positivity.

Venue Information:
The Great Northern
119 Utah St
San Francisco, CA, 94103