COSTUME CREATE: A DIY Costume Making Event & Pre-Halloween Fashion Exchange

COSTUME CREATE: A DIY Costume Making Event & Pre-Halloween Fashion Exchange

Ages 21+
Costume Create - DIY Costume & Pre-Halloween Fashion Exchange

Live Costuming & Make Up Tutorials, Craft & Sewing Stations, Mask Making, Art, Music, Performance, Photo Booths, Fashion Exchange, Costume Contest & Prizes!

TWO NIGHTS! October 16 & 17

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EVENT DETAILS: (Please read this if you plan on attending)

The Bay Area might very well be the best place in the world to celebrate Halloween. This single day holiday has evolved into so much more for our local culture. With so many parties to attend over the week or even month, most people need at least three, four, sometimes five different costumes to get through all the festivities.

All this revelry can get really expensive, which is why we, the friendly folks at MUSEPOP, have put together this special event for you!

Costume Create will feature some of the Bay Area's best and brightest creatives teaching live costuming and make up tutorials in an open and fun community setting. We will be providing a ton of costuming materials, craft, sewing, and paint stations, a mobile workshop, and a bunch of multi-talented helpers to facilitate an amazing DIY Halloween costume for you and your friends. Best of all, tickets start at just $20!

There will be art, music, performances, and we will be providing free photo booths and print stations for all to enjoy. Each night will culminate with a costume contest for those who want to enter their creations, and we will be giving away some great prizes to the winners!


If you have ever been to a fashion exchange, you know how much fun it can be! Raid your closet for those old fun things you know you’re never going to wear again. Suits, hats, shoes, shirts, and scarfs. The more flair the better. Bring an item or two or three, and please make sure they are clean! The fashion exchange is going to make the event extra fun for all, and you never know you might get more than one amazing costume out of the night.

We also encourage you to bring items you would like to decorate. If you have a hat, shoes, or jump suit you'd like to decorate, bring them! If you have an idea for something you need help with, our staff of creatives will lend a hand. We promise to have a plethora of costume accoutrements on hand to inspire your creation!

If you have any questions about the event, would like to help or have a great idea for a presentation, feel free to send us an email. connect(at)

Sorry Kiddos! This event is 21+

Venue Information:
The Great Northern
119 Utah St
San Francisco, CA, 94103