Club Closed  w/ Animal Frined
Great Northern

Animal Friend

Animal Friend / Smokes / Edna Mira Raia / LOTUS BOY / host, Cole Odin Berggren

Thanks for your support for Club Closed.

There are $5 to $30 donation tickets please choose what ever you can donate.

Live Music by: Animal Friends

Tonights host; Cole Odin Berggren

comedic Skits by:

Edna Mira Raia


After party w/ Smokes

and your Club Closed team making it happen.

Animal Friend is a San Francisco-based duo producing retro-touched dance music with dark disco energy. In their early incarnation, they played around California as an 80's inspired rock band. Now Kazuko Anne Kimura fronts vocals with minimal psychedelic stylings and Jasper Speicher (forlove) plays deep synthy house-leaning grooves.

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