A Club Called Rhonda: San Francisco

Palms Trax

Young Marco

Goddollars, Corey Sizemore, Richie Panic, Siobhan

Ages 21+
A Club Called Rhonda: San Francisco ft. Palms Trax | Young Marco | Goddollars + more

Purify yourself in the warm waters of the underground and reach your true pleasure potential in your very own sexual self-realization fellowship w/ music by

YOUNG MARCO (Amsterdam / Safe Trip)

PALMS TRAX (Berlin / London / Dekmantel)

GODDOLLARS (Los Angeles / Rhonda INTL)


RICHIE PANIC (San Francisco / Lights Down Low)

COREY SIZEMORE (San Francisco / Lights Down Low)

SIOBHAN ALUVALOT (San Francisco / Lights Down Low)

Venue Information:
The Great Northern
119 Utah St
San Francisco, CA, 94103